What is the ceramic coating?


Is a liquid form of protection applied by hand to the painted surface. A chemical reaction then bonds the coating with the vehicle’s factory paint creating a thin layer of protection.



Advantages of Ceramic Coating

· Protection from UV rays

· Protection from Chemical Stains

· Dirt does not stick as easily to the vehicle

· No need for waxing or polishing for many years

· Lasts for up to 5 years

· Shiny glossy effect


 Most frequently asked questions on Ceramic Coating


Can you mess up ceramic coating?


Improper application of the coating can leave hazing, high spots, and streaks. The good news is that coating can be removed in case of improper application. The only way to remove the ceramic coating but using water sandpaper and polish the whole car. Removing the coating can be a very long process so be careful if you try to apply it yourself. It is advised to visit the Exotic Wrapping garage to save money and time. 


Why is ceramic coating so expensive?


Applying ceramic coating is a complex process. There are multiple stages before applying the product to the vehicle’s paint. 

· First stage is washing and drying the car

· Wiping the vehicle with isopropyl alcohol to remove any pollutants and tar

· 3 stage machine polishing can take a full day for an experienced person

· After cleaning and polishing is done, we then apply the coating everything by hand applying a small amount of coating on to cloth it is then wiped onto the surface

· We then wipe off the excess of the ceramic coating and leave the vehicle inside overnight for the cutting process.


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