Paint Correction

Paint Correction is a process of bringing vehicles’ paint back to a new finish by removing swirl marks, fine scratches, and bird droppings marks.

Using the machine polishers’ specialists at Exotic Wrapping Manchester carefully with great care go through 3 stage polishing involving 6 different products for 3 stages. A properly paint-corrected vehicle will no longer show signs of swirl marks and scratches in the direct sunlight.

Depending on the overall state of vehicles paint it depends on how many stages are necessary for full correction. Owners of older vehicles most likely will need 3 stage polishing whereas vehicles that are around 2 years will most likely only need a single 3rd stage machine polish to refresh it. It is important not to be fooled by paintwork that has been treated with filling products that fill the scratches but soon as the owner washes the vehicle the scratches and swirl start to show again. To check the quality of paint correction we can use isopropyl alcohol diluted with water 70/30 ratio to clean one area. If no scratches and swirls start to appear that means the correction was properly finished. 

Preparation „Prep”:

 At Exotic Wrapping prep, we wash the not once but twice. The vehicle needs to be cleaned like never before. The next stage is cleaning the vehicle with a clay bar cloth to remove any contaminants that have not been removed during the wash process. Soon as we dry the vehicle, we use diluted isopropyl in the proportion of 70/30 to water and clean every cm of the vehicle by hand with a cloth.

Stage 1: Heavy Defect Removal (Cutting/Buffing)

 The first step to painting correction At Exotic Wrapping is to remove any major paint defects. There are two types of polishing machines that we use depending on the level of defects. Rotary machines are used for heavy deep scratches and swirl marks. Mild or moderate defects are removed by using an action polisher. At this stage, we use a heavy cut compound on cut foam or wool pad. 

 We start working on small areas and monitor results. Once we are happy with the effect, we continue to do the whole vehicle. Commonly, a lot of dust is produced during this process therefore after completing the polishing we clean the car again.

Stage 2: Paint Refinement

 At this stage, we use a dual action polisher with a medium cut pad and compound. We are a step closer to perfection. Like in stage 1 we test a small area of the vehicle and finish the rest soon as we are happy with the result. In event that the vehicle gets dusty, we repeat the cleaning process.

Stage 3: Final Polish or „Jeweling”

 It is the final step in machine polishing. In this step, we bring the paint to perfection and give it a mirror effect. The experienced polisher can make the paintwork steaming hot giving the paintwork a sparkling diamond shine effect. After the polishing is finished, we inspect the car carefully and make sure no polishing residue remains. 

 Paint Protection Aftercare

It is advised that after paint correction we apply for paint protection. The owner will save money, time and enjoy its pride for longer. Protection ranges from 30-day protection sealants to ceramic coatings which can last for years.

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