What is vinyl wrapping?

Vinyl Wrapping comes in various colours and because of advanced printers, we can print out any custom design. Its role is also to protect the car’s paintwork. Paint protection film in shortcut PPF is an ultra-strong transparent film that is applied to the area which is then protected.

Car wrapping is a long process that involves years of experience for the perfect finish. The trained technician will prepare the surface of the vehicle. This is very important because even a small amount of dirt can cause vinyl not to stick. 

There are three main types of car wrapping:

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the basis for any owner willing to protect its vehicle paintwork. The result of using PPF is preserved original paintwork which is especially important for classical and limited-edition car owners. The advantage of being transparent is that owner can keep the original look and be protected from stone chips and minor scratches, 
  • Coloured vinyl wrapping: is commonly used to give a car a new fresh look and personalize it to its owner’s imagination. Small jobs like wing mirrors can be done in minutes and completely change the vehicle’s appearance. 
  • Advertising wraps: is probably the most used type of wrapping. Everywhere we look we see adverts on vehicles. Their logos and details. It can be a cheap and very effective way of advertising. Every advertising wrap will be seen by thousands of potential customers. 

 Benefits of car wrapping

  • The main reason is the price. Vinyl Wrapping starts from as low as £900 whereas respraying can cost twice as that. 
  • It’s fast and adds a fresh look that anyone desires no matter how old is the car. 
  • advanced printers can print high resolutions custom prints. This allows us to have more style and personal appearance which will give a more unique look on the road. 
  • It gives protection from paintwork biggest enemy the stone chips and light

Most frequently asked questions

 How much does car vinyl wrap cost in the UK?

Depending on the size of the vehicle it can cost anything from £800 to even £7000. A two-person car for example a Smart car will cost £800. The two-door hatchback would cost around £1000-£1500. Full wrap for sedan would be anything between £1500 and £3500. SUVs and big vans because of their high coverage area would cost between £2300 to £5000. This is only an estimated price. The real price depends on different factors like custom design and type of vinyl.

Is Vinyl Wrap legal in the UK?

Yes, vinyl wrap is legal but because of the appearance changes of the vehicle, it is the owner’s responsibility to inform DVLA authorities about the change. The owner of the vehicle will have to fill out the CV5 form. Instructions on how to inform DVLA you can Click Here. The insurance company will also have to be informed. It is not a legal obligation to inform the insurance company but in case of making a claim driver can include wrap as his loss. 

Is wrapping a car easy?

It is not an easy thing to do. It takes months to learn to vinyl wrap properly. Not everyone is born wrapper it can be learned but it won’t take 2 days. A first-time wrapper is not recommended trying to wrap their car. It could be a waste of vinyl. You can learn how to vinyl wrap at Exotic Wrapping Academy. Click the link for courses

Does car wrapping increase the value of the car?

In some cases, yes. The value usually increases or stays the same. It is better to vinyl wrap the vehicle because respraying the car decreases the value.

Can you put a wrapped car through a carwash?

Yes, automated carwash can be used but it is recommended to use handwash. In some cases where vinyl is peeling off in the corner, the rotating brushes could damage the vinyl. Hand wash is more delicate and more accurate than automated carwash. 

How long does Wrapping take?

It can take from 1 day to 4 days for an experienced wrapper to do a full wrap. In-car wrapping patience and care is the key. Is very hard to say how long does it take exactly. It depends on the skills of the wrapper and the finish of the project. 

Which vinyl is the best?

 At Exotic Wrapping, we only use top brands like 3M, Avery, and Oracal. We recommend using products from those brands if you want a high-quality finish.

Does wrapping a car hide scratches?

Once the vehicle is wrapped the scratches will be no longer visible. On top of that, the vinyl will protect the paintwork from minor scratches. 

Our advice

Never go for cheap wrapping where some average Joe will do it on your driveway as his weekend job because it can bring worse than good. Shop around and search for reputable car wrapping garages like Exotic Wrapping or learn how to do it from professionals at Exotic Wrapping Academy. Go to our contact details to get a quote or to Training Courses to learn the trade.

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